Tuesday, March 21, 2017

5 things I find very useful and new in Python programming

1.  List - (a list of values. Each one of them is numbered, starting from zero )

I find it very handy in Python programming language , because looping through list and reading each values are very easy in List.

num = [3,4,5,6]

items = ['desk','pen','pencil']

you can read through List very easily as below -

2. split function

You can split a string with any seperator and put into a list very easily with this function.

3.Map function

Map applies a function to all the items in an input_list.



4. Reduce Function:

Reduce is a really useful function for performing some computation on a list and returning the result.

Below example we are passing the 'sum' function to inbuild 'reduce' function and getting the total sum for the list of numbers.


5.Some thing you find very strange in Python ( Mutable and Immutable objects)

I thought it was bug, but its not ..

First Lets me create a list as below.

a = [1,2]

then simply create another list 'b' and assign  'a' + [3]

b= a;

what you will expect on 'b' .. obviously .. [1,2,3]

But what you expect on 'a'... I thought that i didn't change anything in 'a' , so it should be same, but what actually 'print a'  become [1,2,3]

read below link for more details - http://book.pythontips.com/en/latest/mutation.html



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