Sunday, January 21, 2018

Crates and Modules in Rust Language

I was trying to jump into Rust programming language through Rocket web framework. I know it might be a tough attend to directly start with Rocket without much understanding on the Rust syntax.

I believe I have a minimum understanding on Rust syntax and I thought let learn it reverse way , whenever something comes strange or unknown ,let go reverse and goto the basics.

 So, with that strategy when I jump to Rocket , I came across lot of new things.. Ofcourse Rust has lot of new syntax , terminologies. But since I had some prior knowledge on Flask,Django web frameworks, I did not stunt by the folder structures and initial quick start steps.

but it is really fun learning it in reverse way, lot of new things to understand.

One thing was Crates and Modules. It not a new idea, but it a new term and building it in Rust is quite easy.

We have a good documentation from these from Rust developers.

As per my understanding,

If you know python, we will be using packages there. Similar way we can use Crates to build modules and import them into our program.

I hope below documentation will be enough to read through it and try it.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Books reading as a Hobby

First of all, I haven't read any book completely apart from normal curricular. But I read online computer articles and blogs very seriously last a few years. I am finding it as a brain taking process.But its worth reading those technical articles and understanding them. Mostly I follow youtube, I need some demo to start with something rather than just reading and understanding.

I don't know I need take other books like literature,fiction,philosophy as well or stick with (focus) more on the technical stuff alone. I bit confused , but i believe now its essential for me to start reading some other(non technical books) as well ( because not sure how to spend time).

But I know, diverting the focus from technical articles and blogs will be disaster for me.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to get the Steemit 'followers' for an account using Python Piston module

You can get steemit followers using python program.This is fun and learning experience to understand steemit and blockchain. Read more technical details here.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bitcoin/crypto currency JSON format data extract using python programming

This progarm we try to extract the data on every 15min from  to mysql database using python program.

How to get bitcoin json data using python

Get the api details
2. create a python program

json object format:

3. create table in mysql

if you need to know more about mysql go through

4.crontab to schedule every 15min. You have to identify user python program location and give

Watch the video tutorial below.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Started a steemit

Started a steemit blog @naveedavisv too, that doesn't mean that I am moving out from here.
I have started reading more about decentralized applications and crypto currencies,so thought doing some articles in steemit.
I will keep doing my technical posts here too.