Thursday, September 27, 2018

what to do after reading the Rust tutorials !!

if you have read through most of the concepts in Rust and want to build something in Rust, i would suggest below website to start with...

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

multiple termnial at the same screen - Ubuntu

I started using multiple screen in my office to do multiple tasking. I thought it was not going to save my time  and efficiency. But I experienced that it was highly improving my work efficiency. I was able to finish my tasks quickly without much tiring when doing multi-tasking.

But when i reach home and open the laptop, its highly difficult for me switch between screens.

So I was searching for a tool where i can create multi-terminal on the same screen.

you can use terminator

the installation is simple

apt-get install terminator

open a terminal and type

you will get a terminal open by terminator , then you can split it using ctrl +shift +o

Monday, August 6, 2018

Rust on Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is very popular nowadays. So wanted to try something with EC2., not sure how much its going to cost me .Usually I stop amazon experiments when I reach the credit card page. :-)

This time really wanted to try what is EC2.

I took the basic plan and lauched a Ubuntu server and installed Rustc, cargo and gcc.

Its really exciting to login to remote machine and experiment some really  installation and programming as we do in our local machine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

managed to write a file from terminal input - Rust

My Text editor program in Rust programming language managed to get input characters from screen terminal as created a file once program ends.

Read the code here

If I started writing this in C, i would have end up in "Segmentation fault". But even though Rust compiler makes you learn the syntax and new concepts ( mutation,scope,borrow etc) . But once we managed to compile the code, the program produces the output as we expected.(won't go to the buffer overflows or pointer problems)

Terminal is not pointing to left most position when I hit enter, looks like I need to handle this manually.

I have not build any 'struct' for 'Editor' or 'Rows'. Not sure much syntax for 'struct' in Rust.  Reading more this now.

 I think I can move to the 'text viewer' pages in the below documentation.